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เอฟเฟคกีตาร์ Mooer GE100 – Guitar Multi-Effects


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มัลติเอฟเฟครุ่นยอดนิยม สุดคุ้ม ในราคาเบาๆ กับการปรับเสียงที่หลากหลายครบครัน




A comprehensive multi-effects processor with a myriad of effects and learning tools.

The GE100 has a familiar look to its multi-effects counterparts. However, its functions and its concept of operation have highlighted Mooer’s philosophy of pursuing perfection.
—Super large LCD display, bigger than units in the same price range. It makes a very clear and concise indication of information and also makes the using and learning process easy and fun.
—8 effect modules, including 66 effect types, providing you with the most unique Mooer sound library. Simply rotate the knob above the screen and the tone is at your command.
—80 preset patches and 80 user patches, enough for creating your sound library. You can save any preferred tones by simply pressing down the SAVE button.
—By using 180 seconds looper and a drum machine which contains a variety of rhythm patterns, you can create your own music without using a computer.
—6 assignable expression pedal parameters which greatly improve the convenience and diversity of controlling the tone. Unique adjustable output mode setting allows you to use line out mode to still get a good tone when playing without an amp.

Large, bright LCD display
8 effect modules & 66 effect types
23 drive sounds with 7 legendary amp simulators
Assignable expression pedal
Scales&Chords dictionary
Tap tempo function and 180 seconds looper
40 Drum rhythms & 10 Metronome rhythms
80 Factory preset patches & 80 User patches
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