Electric Piano

YDP-165 R

Standard size, 88-key model of the ARIUS digital piano featuring weighted keyboard. With Yamaha's CFX concert grand piano sound as a built-in Voice, experience a luxuriously expressive playing feel with the GH3 keyboard. Includes newly equipped ear-friendly functions, and compatibility with Yamaha’s Smart Pianist app.

฿ 51,900 ฿ 51,900

(Product variants available)

YDP-164 R

Yamaha YDP-164 Arius Digital Piano

฿ 42,500 ฿ 42,500

(Product variants available)

YDP-144 R

Yamaha YDP-144 Arius Digital Piano

฿ 35,900 ฿ 35,900

(Product variants available)

YDP-145 R

The new Yamaha YDP-145 is a superb entry-level digital piano that features a full length 88 note keyboard with Matt Black Keys. The piano sound itself has been sampled from Yamaha's world-renowned flagship CFX concert grand piano with 192 note polyphony.

฿ 41,900 ฿ 41,900

(Product variants available)


YAMAHA P-45 B Digital Piano - Black พร้อม ขาตั้ง + ที่วางโน้ต + เก้าอี้ + SUSTAIN + ADAPTER

฿ 20,900 ฿ 20,900

(Product variants available)


The Casio PX-S3100 takes the extremely lightweight & portable concept of the Privia PX-S range to the max with a huge palette of sounds, 200 rhythms, pitch bend + 2 controller knobs, more effects and improved recording features.

฿ 41,000 ฿ 41,000
฿ 38,900 ฿ 38,900 -5%



The PX-S3000 is loaded with 700 onboard tones, including a gorgeous stereo grand piano. String resonance brings out the harmonic bloom between vibrating strings, while damper resonance adds natural richness and depth.

฿ 40,900 ฿ 40,900
฿ 34,765 ฿ 34,765 -15%
Out of stock


NPK-10 BK Option1

88 keys Triple-sensor scaled hammer-action keyboard (with escapement and ivory feel)

฿ 12,960 ฿ 12,960
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(Product variants available)


The CDP-S360 is a brilliantly versatile digital piano. Combining 88 touch-sensitive, weighted keys with 200 accompaniment styles and 700 inspiring instrument tones, this lightweight piano suits every musical ambition.

฿ 28,000 ฿ 28,000
฿ 25,500 ฿ 25,500 -9%



Casio CDP-S110 Portable Piano 88 Keys with scaled hammer action (Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II hammer action)

฿ 20,000 ฿ 20,000
฿ 18,000 ฿ 18,000 -10%


PX-S1100 BK

88-key Digital Piano with 192-note Polyphony, 18 Sounds, Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard, and Onboard Effects

฿ 30,900 ฿ 30,900

(Product variants available)

BX-5 Set A

Double hi-fi stereo speakers , lossless sound quality , 3D surround sound , Wireless bluetooth transmission, more convenient

฿ 7,990 ฿ 7,990
Out of stock

(Product variants available)


The NUX WK-520 is designed to cater to the essential needs of beginners as well as the educators. Well-selected Steinway grand piano sampling sound combined with the latest Dream 5708 chips, Italian 88-keys metal frame with scaled hammer action keyboard.

฿ 26,000 ฿ 26,000
฿ 23,400 ฿ 23,400 -10%
Out of stock


WK-310 BK

NUX WK-310 88 Keys Digital Piano

฿ 21,700 ฿ 21,700
฿ 19,530 ฿ 19,530 -10%

(Product variants available)

KDP120 R

An impressive addition to Kawai’s digital piano line-up, the KDP120 features the Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action, beautiful Shigeru Kawai SK-EX grand piano sounds, convenient Bluetooth® and USB connectivity, and support for the latest PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer apps, delivering grand piano touch and tone at an affordable price.

฿ 49,000 ฿ 49,000
฿ 39,500 ฿ 39,500 -19%

(Product variants available)

KDP110 R

An impressive addition to Kawai’s digital piano line-up, the modest KDP110 features the Responsive Hammer Compact II keyboard action, beautiful Shigeru Kawai SK-EX 88-key sampled grand piano sounds, and convenient Bluetooth®, USB, and MIDI connectivity, delivering grand piano touch and tone at a remarkably affordable price.

฿ 43,500 ฿ 43,500
฿ 34,800 ฿ 34,800 -20%
Out of stock

(Product variants available)


The KDP-75 is improved from the previous generation of KDP-70. The improved RHC keys are used to improve the key rebound noise. The pedal part uses a metal three-tone pedal with a half-pedal function. Sound source Harmonic Imaging Piano sound uses SK-EX grand piano sound Total number of tones 11 kinds of piano tones, 4 kinds of maximum sound number 192, single side output 8 watts.

฿ 39,500 ฿ 39,500
฿ 31,000 ฿ 31,000 -22%

(Product variants available)

CN39 R

Combining the class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action and stunning SK-EX, SK-5, and EX grand piano sounds, with a powerful Onkyo 4 speaker delivery system, convenient USB audio features, Bluetooth® connectivity, and a broad selection of sounds, the CN39 delivers impressive specifications at an unbeatable price.

฿ 87,000 ฿ 87,000
฿ 69,500 ฿ 69,500 -20%

(Product variants available)


Featuring the Responsive Hammer III keyboard action with 88-key counterweights, stunning SK-EX and EX concert grand piano sounds, and a delivery system developed with audio specialists Onkyo, the piano-focussed CN29 offers best-in-class touch & tone, Bluetooth® connectivity, and built-in lesson and recorder functions within a compact, elegant cabinet.

฿ 62,000 ฿ 62,000
฿ 49,500 ฿ 49,500 -20%

(Product variants available)

CN27 R

The CN27 is built upon over 90 years of piano making expertise and exemplifies the award- winning tradition of excellence that is uniquely Kawai. At the core of the CN27 digital piano is the incredible sound of the renowned Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand Piano that is meticulously reproduced with our Progressive Harmonic Imaging technology.

฿ 58,000 ฿ 58,000
฿ 46,900 ฿ 46,900 -19%

(Product variants available)


Experience the touch of a grand piano. Now with an improved SK-EX rendering multi-channel sound engine, the Kawai CA79 digital piano sounds better than ever. And thanks to the speaker diffuser panels, the CA79 produces a naturally immersive experience. Digital pianos have never sounded this good.

฿ 219,500 ฿ 219,500
฿ 175,000 ฿ 175,000 -20%

(Product variants available)


Combining the latest Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action and stunning SK-EX, SK-5, and EX grand piano sounds, with powerful 4 speaker output, convenient USB audio features, Bluetooth® MIDI and Audio connectivity, and a strong selection of sounds, the CA59 delivers best-in-class touch, tone, and features at an outstanding price.

฿ 139,100 ฿ 139,100
฿ 112,500 ฿ 112,500 -19%

(Product variants available)


Featuring the authentic Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action, beautiful SK-EX and EX concert grand piano sounds, and modern Bluetooth® connectivity, the piano-focussed CA49 offers many of the strengths of the premium Concert Artist models within a more modest and affordable package.

฿ 107,000 ฿ 107,000
฿ 85,500 ฿ 85,500 -20%

(Product variants available)

RP701 DR

If you’re looking at a piano for the whole family, the Roland RP701 is the perfect package. Sound quality and keyboard feel are the two most important factors when learning to play, and this affordable digital instrument offers bright, rich tone courtesy of Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano technology, plus our highly playable PHA-4 Standard keyboard for the authentic feel of an acoustic piano.

฿ 62,000 ฿ 62,000
฿ 49,600 ฿ 49,600 -20%

(Product variants available)

RP-501 WH

The RP501 is a stylish and compact digital piano for the home. It's a great choice for families or musicians that need a practice instrument in their home, and offers a quality feel and tone in a fairly compact unit.

฿ 49,000 ฿ 49,000
฿ 39,200 ฿ 39,200 -20%

(Product variants available)

LX708 PE

There’s no mistaking the LX708. Standing out from the LX series with its taller cabinet, one-piece side panels and an openable lid that reveals a subtly different tonal flavour, this luxurious flagship model is designed to draw your gaze and attract your fingers.

฿ 245,000 ฿ 245,000
฿ 196,000 ฿ 196,000 -20%

(Product variants available)

LX705 CB

The Roland LX705 is a digital piano with 2 grand piano sounds, 256x polyphony and a particularly authentic playing feel. In addition to its realistic sound based on physical modeling, the LX700 Series features a sophisticated speaker system and precise keyboard for a natural feel.

฿ 125,000 ฿ 125,000
฿ 100,000 ฿ 100,000 -20%

(Product variants available)

Kiyola KF-10 PO

The Roland Kiyola KF-10 Digital Piano combines a classic playability with refined, modern aesthetics for the home environment. The KF-10 marks a collaboration between Roland and furniture company Karimoku, who have designed be both visually stunning and practical in the modern home.

฿ 200,000 ฿ 200,000
฿ 160,000 ฿ 160,000 -20%

(Product variants available)

HP704 WH

The HP704 utilises Roland's custom SuperNATURAL Piano Modeling Technology. This cutting-edge tech captures the essence of an acoustic piano, delivering every nuance that you would expect from a high-end instrument.

฿ 92,500 ฿ 92,500
฿ 74,000 ฿ 74,000 -20%

(Product variants available)

HP702 WH

The affordable HP702 brings style and premium piano performance into your home. Practice at midnight, immersed in sound from the Headphones 3D Ambience feature. Wirelessly stream songs and app audio via Bluetooth or try the onboard tutorials and improve your playing skills.

฿ 73,500 ฿ 73,500
฿ 58,800 ฿ 58,800 -20%

(Product variants available)

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