Cabinet Marshall SC112 Classic 1×12″ Cabinet


Marshall Studio Classic 1 x 12″ Extension Cabinet Features: 1 x 12′ open-back extension cabinet Celestion G12 V-Type speaker has a balanced tonal signature that imparts a vintage musicality Clean sounds are true across the lows, mids, and highs, with just enough upper-mid chime and high-frequency sparkle to add clarity and definition Crank it up for sizzling overdrive and raw rock tone, with plenty of midband warmth Matches the aesthetics of your Studio Classic amplifier


คาบิเน็ต Marshall SC112 Classic 1×12″ Cabinet

There are countless “British”-style guitar amplifiers out there, but take it from the lifelong guitarists and tone connoisseurs at Sweetwater, when it comes to Marshall tone, there’s nothing like the real thing. We’ve played them all, from vintage JTM45s and the ultra-cool Plexi reissue to modern handmade masterpieces such as the JVM410. There isn’t a model among them we can’t recommend with total confidence, and that includes their more affordable models too, like MG, DSL, and Code series amps. Thanks to our tight relationship with Marshall, Sweetwater’s always on the cutting edge of their latest designs, custom models, and limited-edition gems. If you want iconic tone from across the pond, you want Marshall, and your Sweetwater Sales Engineer will help you find the perfect one.
1 x 12″ Extension Cabinet for Your Studio Classic
This 1 x 12″ extension cabinet was tailor-made for your Studio Classic amplifier. Loaded with a 12″ Celestion G12 V-Type speaker, this cab is teeming with classic British tone — the perfect complement to the incendiary sound of your Studio Classic.
Celestion V-Type speaker delivers classic British tone
This extension cabinet features a 12″ Celestion G12 V-Type speaker. The V-Type gives you classic British tone with a warm body and distinctive growl. It has a ceramic magnet that gives you warm and balanced tone. Its expressive low end, clear midrange, and chiming highs are perfect for rock, blues, and all other music styles. Guitarists at Sweetwater love how responsive and articulate this speaker is — it’s guaranteed to inject your Studio Classic amplifier with vintage musicality.
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