Nux Acoustic Amp


The NUX Stageman II rechargeable amplifier is the perfect companion for an acoustic-electric guitar when you want to be able to perform anywhere and be heard loud and clear without having to haul around a bunch of gear.

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฿12,000 ฿12,000
฿10,800 ฿10,800 -10%
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Stageman AC50 is designed to accurately reproduce the natural sound of your acoustic guitar and vocals. Precision high and low frequency drivers are mounted in a vintage styled cabinet, powered by a 50W amplifier section for detailed and powerful sound projection.

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฿9,500 ฿9,500
฿8,550 ฿8,550 -10%
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Nux Stageman AC-25 Portable Battery-Operated Acoustic Amp

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฿6,200 ฿6,200
฿5,580 ฿5,580 -10%
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