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The Perfect First Bass Amp! Practice with deep, thumping tone! The Vox Pathfinder 10 Bass is everything you want out of a practice bass amplifier. It’s super-portable (just 2.54 lbs.), yet the tone it delivers is surprisingly powerful and professional. This makes the Vox Pathfinder Bass 10 the perfect choice for any new bass player. You’ll get an introduction to tone-shaping, so you can use the treble and bass controls to get the sound just how you like it. And be sure to check out the bright switch to give your bass sound an edgier boost. Want it distorted? Turn up the drive control and you’re ready to rock. And when you want to rock at all hours, you can plug a set of headphones into the Pathfinder 10 Bass’s jack and take your practices private.

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Powerful and Portable Modeling Combo Amp Bass players, meet your new favorite practice companion — the Vox Adio Air BS modeling combo amp with Bluetooth. This compact combo is equipped with stereo 3″ speakers and driven with an impressive 50 watts of power. It packs a range of vibrant amp models and expertly-tuned effects. From fat clean tones to grinding rock and metal, you’ll have inspiring sound wherever you go. And the Adio Air BS is a great-sounding playback platform for your portable devices via Bluetooth — you can even control the amp remotely from your devices via Bluetooth MIDI. Musicians at Sweetwater agree, the Vox Adio Air BS is a powerful and portable solution for any bassist.

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The enormously popular AC1 Rhythm VOX series of miniature amps has been recharged! It has returned as the AC2 RhythmVOX Bass, designed specifically for bass players. The output has doubled from 1W to 2W, further enhancing the amp’s sound quality. The high-quality effects and wide selection of rhythm patterns are easy to use and will have you hooked on playing through your AC2. Battery operation is supported, so you can use the amp anywhere. Careful attention has been paid to every detail of these amps, which look so much like a real VOX amp that you’ll forget it’s a miniature. Whether it’s your first amp, a practice or warmup amp for backstage, or as a rhythm box, the AC2 is a charming, yet ferocious unit that’s at home in any situation.

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Massive Low End from a Conveniently Compact Combo There simply is no way you’ll believe your ears when you hear the power and low end that comes rushing from Vox’s VX50 BA combo bass amplifier. This pint-size powerhouse utilizes NuTube preamp technology with 50 watts of power and a custom-designed bass reflex structure cabinet. When you flip on the onboard compression and drive circuits, you’ll be performing, rehearsing, or recording with bass tone far in excess of the amp’s compact dimensions. See what the hype is all about with the Vox VX50 BA 50-watt bass combo amplifier.

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Vox Pathfinder 10 Bass

Vox Pathfinder 10 Bass Amplifier

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Pathfinder Bass 10

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