Lil Looper

VOX Lil’ Looper Multi-Effect Pedal

฿ 6,000 ฿ 6,000
฿ 4,200 ฿ 4,200 -30%
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Rugged Foot Controller for VT Series Modeling Amplifiers with Four Channel Switches and One Bank Switch - Works with VT20+, VT40+, VT80+, VT120+, VT15, VT30, VT50, and VT100

฿ 2,400 ฿ 2,400
฿ 2,160 ฿ 2,160 -10%
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Stomplab IG

The Vox Stompbox IG Guitar Multi-Effects Modelling Pedal packs a powerful and expressive range of effects into a compact and tough enclosure. There are various styles of sound variations, such as rock, blues, and ballad, with an interface easy to use for even novice users.

฿ 2,400 ฿ 2,400
฿ 2,160 ฿ 2,160 -10%
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Stomplab IIG

The compact (yet feature-laden) Vox StompLab IIG is perfect for musicians who want a ton of tones in a small space. Using the same sound engine as Vox’s VT amps and ToneLab multi-effects units, the StompLab offers 100 gig quality presets for any style of music.

฿ 3,000 ฿ 3,000
฿ 2,700 ฿ 2,700 -10%
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The VOX DelayLab effects pedal delivers virtually infinite potential. Delay effects are a must for satisfying the individualistic creativity of any guitarist. Their long history encompasses both the analog and digital eras.

฿ 9,000 ฿ 9,000
฿ 6,300 ฿ 6,300 -30%
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The Vox V847-A wah pedal improves on the V847’s popular design with increased dynamics and functionality, thanks to a few design changes. A redesigned inductor brings the new pedal’s specs even closer to that of the original.

฿ 3,500 ฿ 3,500
฿ 3,150 ฿ 3,150 -10%
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V8 Distortion

Vox V8 Distortion As befits the name "V-type 8-cylinder," this is a high-gain distortion unit that boasts an awe-inspiring tone. In addition to distortion sounds that are ideal for heavy riffs or soloing, you can also obtain cutting high-gain lead sounds. It provides a mid-shift switch that lets you change the band where the mid-range peaks. Turning this off gives you a broad range with an emphasized attack. Turning it on will shift the band to be more suitable for lead playing.

฿ 5,500 ฿ 5,500
฿ 3,850 ฿ 3,850 -30%
Out of stock
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