VOX Tone Garage V8 Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal


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Vox V8 Distortion As befits the name "V-type 8-cylinder," this is a high-gain distortion unit that boasts an awe-inspiring tone. In addition to distortion sounds that are ideal for heavy riffs or soloing, you can also obtain cutting high-gain lead sounds. It provides a mid-shift switch that lets you change the band where the mid-range peaks. Turning this off gives you a broad range with an emphasized attack. Turning it on will shift the band to be more suitable for lead playing.

Brand : VOX


VOX Tone Garage V8 Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

Add High-gain Chunk to Your Sound

Blow the roof off the gig with the Vox Tone Garage V8 Distortion effects pedal. Incorporating a 12AX7 preamp tube, the V8 Distortion delivers a tube-fired high-gain distortion to your amp. There's nothing subtle about this pedal's personality. A mid-shift switch lets you add definition and presence to your tone. Vox's V8 Distortion is an extremely touch-responsive, true-bypass pedal. Hear and feel what you've been missing with the Vox Tone Garage V8 Distortion!

Vox Tone Garage V8 Distortion at a Glance :

True tube-fired tone for maximum performance

Vox's new Hi-Volt technology lets the V8 Distortion's 12AX7 tube operate at 200 volts, even while running on a battery! This delivers killer tube overdrive and amazing amp-like touch response. Vox also designed a slow start heater current circuit to give the tube a long lifespan. Get tube goodness in a stompbox with the Vox Tone Garage V8 Distortion!

True-bypass design for pure tone

You get a pedal for the sound it gives you, but when you turn it off, you want it silent and out of your signal chain. Vox's V8 Distortion features a true-bypass switching design to keep your signal pure. This pedal won't color your sound once you turn it off.

Built to take the rigors of the road

There's nothing worse than a pedal that falls apart after a few years of use. The rugged aluminum die-cast body of the Vox V8 Distortion will last gig after gig.

Features :

• Versatile high-gain distortion pedal built around a 12AX7 preamp tube

• Dial in high-gain distortion without losing the sound of your guitar

• Mid-shift switch for adding presence and definition to your sound

• Gain control also adjusts tonal character

• 12AX7 preamp tube operates at 200 volts for true tube-driven sound

• Vintage-style overdrive tones

• All-discrete circuitry - no IC chips

• True-bypass design

• Rugged aluminum die-cast body that stands up to the rigors of the road

• Powered by 6 x AA batteries or optional 9V adapter



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