Class-leading sound quality with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit floating point processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate Twelve versatile modes provide a wide range of modulation types Dedicated rate, depth, and level controls, plus three parameter knobs that change function with the selected mode Insert Loop function for positioning external pedals before or after mod effects Real-time panel setting and four memories for storing favorite sounds Global setting optimizes flanger, phaser, and auto wah effects for guitar or bass Panel Lock function disables controls to prevent unwanted changes Customizable multi-function footswitches for tap tempo, memory selection, and more Support for expanded control via external footswitches, an expression pedal, or MIDI Full MIDI I/O provided with mini TRS jacks (BMIDI-5-35 adaptor cable available separately) Micro USB jack for firmware updates Runs on PSA-series AC adaptor or three AA-size batteries

฿ 7,600 ฿ 7,600


The most advanced BOSS compact series delay ever Eleven versatile modes include basic digital delay, vintage echoes, shimmer, mod, looper, and more Looper offers up to 40 seconds of recording time, overdub capability, and three-pedal operation with external footswitches Three newly developed delay types: Warm, +RV (delay+reverb), and GLT (rhythmic delay) Up to 10 seconds of delay time available with tap tempo input Carryover switch sets whether delay trails continue or stop when the effect is bypassed True stereo I/O and three selectable output modes (independent, panning, and wide stereo) Smart I/O jacks support a variety of connection setups (mono, stereo, wet/dry, wet only, and more) Support for external control with two footswitches or an expression pedal Unique Twist function available in each delay mode via an external footswitch

฿ 5,200 ฿ 5,200



฿ 6,400 ฿ 6,400


The GEB-7 is a seven-band equalizer created specifically for the frequency range of the electric bass. Since the frequency range extends down to 50Hz, the GEB-7 is also great for adjusting depth and bottom end of an upright bass with pickups.

฿ 2,880 ฿ 2,880


The LMB-3 affords complete control over a bass guitar’s dynamic range using a limiter effect and an enhancer circuit designed specifically for electric bass.

฿ 2,400 ฿ 2,400


The ODB-3 Bass OverDrive delivers the chest-resonating distortion that hard rock, thrash, and punk bassists have been waiting for. This hot compact pedal has been designed specifically for bass applications.

฿ 3,440 ฿ 3,440


The BOSS SYB-3 was the world’s first bass synthesizer to be packed into a compact pedal, and it found favor with experimentalists and tone aficionados alike. Today, the next-generation bass-synth pedal has arrived: the SYB-5. Utilizing the latest in DSP technology, the SYB-5 faithfully reproduces the classic sound characteristics of analog synthesizers with enhanced punch and power.

฿ 6,500 ฿ 6,500
฿ 5,440 ฿ 5,440 -16%

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