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Based on the specifications of the original pedal developed by VOX in the ’60s, the V845 Wah-Wah offers guitarists the same legendary Wah-Wah tone in a new sturdy but very affordable design. An AC power connector is fitted to save on batteries and the outer case is coated with tough all-black finish making it the perfect choice for your pedal board.

฿ 2,250 ฿ 2,250


When you think of the sound of an electric guitar singing through a wah pedal, you’re envisioning the sound of the Vox V846-HW hand-wired wah pedal. The V846-HW is based on Vox’s legendary V846 wah from 1967, regarded by many guitarists as the epitome of the wah-wah effect. The V846-HW hand-wired wah pedal uses the same vintage spec Halo-type inductors that gave the original V846 its iconic sound. In fact, every component of the V846-HW was chosen to give you vintage tone, low-noise operation, and top-notch performance. The Vox V846-HW hand-wired wah pedal may be the last wah you ever need.

฿ 7,200 ฿ 7,200


Simply playing the preset sounds is a lot of fun, but you’ll definitely want to create some of your own original sounds as well. The StompLab IG contains 103 types of modeling effects, the StompLab IIG has 104, the StompLab IB has 60, and the StompLab IIB has 61. These effects are categorized as pedal, amp, drive, cabinet, modulation, delay, and reverb effects. When noise reduction is included, you can use up to 8 of them simultaneously. Each effect type provides multiple parameters that you can deeply edit to create your perfect sound. Since the sound engine is equivalent to those featured on the worldwide best-selling VT+ series of modeling amps and the ToneLab series of multi-effect units, you need no further guarantee of quality. Sounds you create can be saved as 20 user programs.

฿ 3,600 ฿ 3,600

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