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The XE20SP - a set combining a home piano featuring automatic accompaniment ​with a dedicated stand and a three-pedal unit

฿ 31,000 ฿ 31,000
฿ 27,900 ฿ 27,900 -10%


SP-170S BK

The Korg SP-170s is a digital piano that provides everything a pianist could want in terms of sound quality and realistic key action. With this SP-170s digital piano, Korg has struck out to eliminate all of the unnecessary fluff of many digital piano and focus only on the vitally important aspects, such as key action and a nice realistic sound.

฿ 17,000 ฿ 17,000
฿ 15,300 ฿ 15,300 -10%



Korg’s microPIANO digital piano is charming, conveniently sized, and designed like a grand piano – complete with an opening lid! Small in size, the microPIANO features our expressive 61-key Natural Touch mini-keyboard, carefully designed to provide true playability.

฿ 11,000 ฿ 11,000
฿ 9,900 ฿ 9,900 -10%

(Product variants available)

LP-380 BK

88-key Digital Home Piano with 30 Sounds, Built-in Speakers, RH3 Hammer Action Keyboard, and 3-pedal Design with Half-damper Support - White / Black / Red / Rosewood Grain Finish

฿ 32,000 ฿ 32,000
฿ 28,800 ฿ 28,800 -10%

(Product variants available)

LP-180 BK

KORG LP-180 Digital Piano emanating a sense of quality that exceeds its class, this slim, digital piano features a beautiful and rich piano sound, keyboard cover, a one-piece stand, and a three-pedal unit.

฿ 27,000 ฿ 27,000
฿ 24,300 ฿ 24,300 -10%

(Product variants available)


Experience breathtakingly detailed sound. The Korg G1 Air digital piano in white ash is a beautiful piano that looks as good as it sounds. Boasting Korg's Japanese made Real Weighted Hammer Action 3 (RH3) keybed which reproduces the touch on a grand piano, the Korg G1 piano is guaranteed to impress.

฿ 50,000 ฿ 50,000
฿ 45,000 ฿ 45,000 -10%

(Product variants available)


Korg C1 Air 88-Key Digital Piano With Cabinet and Bluetooth

฿ 44,000 ฿ 44,000
฿ 39,600 ฿ 39,600 -10%

(Product variants available)

B1SP Black

The Concert Series is a new lineup of KORG digital pianos. The B1, an entry level piano, is now joined by the B1SP, a set that includes a stand and a three-pedal unit. Sound, touch, and design are three crucial essentials when selecting a piano.

฿ 24,500 ฿ 24,500
฿ 22,050 ฿ 22,050 -10%

(Product variants available)

Black ไม่รวมขาตั้ง

Korg B1 88-key Digital Piano with Natural Weighted Hammer Action, 8 Sounds, and Built-in Speakers – Black / White

฿ 20,000 ฿ 20,000
฿ 18,000 ฿ 18,000 -10%

(Product variants available)


This set packages the B2 digital piano with a easily assembled stand and a three-pedal unit that gives you the experience of playing a real grand piano. This model includes everything you need to enjoy playing the piano seriously.

฿ 22,500 ฿ 22,500
฿ 20,250 ฿ 20,250 -10%

(Product variants available)

Korg B2N

B2N provides the same functionality as the B2 but equipped with a lighter-touch keyboard. B2N is a new digital piano for players who want a reactive, light touch 88 key keyboard.

฿ 16,000 ฿ 16,000
฿ 14,400 ฿ 14,400 -10%


Korg B2 BK

The B2 is a new generation of digital piano from KORG focused on accessibility and ease of use. Perfect as a first piano for a new player, we’ve paid special attention to the experience of playing a real piano. B2 is packed with carefully selected sounds, starting with legendary grand pianos from around the world. Software and a variety of connectors come standard for a truly modern piano experience.

฿ 18,000 ฿ 18,000
฿ 16,200 ฿ 16,200 -10%

(Product variants available)

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