Headphone Samson


Samson SR350 Stereo Headphones provide quality bass performance and excellent sound isolation in a lightweight, over-ear design.

฿ 990 ฿ 990
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Samson SR990 Closed-Back Studio Reference Headphones are meticulously designed to provide an accurate and balanced stereo image for music enthusiasts and audio professionals alike.

฿ 2,290 ฿ 2,290
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Samson SR950 Professional Studio Reference Headphones offer precise monitoring performance for studio applications. Perfect for engineering, mixing and playing back audio with stunning results, the SR950s combine comfort with solid bass response, ultra-clear highs and a closed ear design.

฿ 1,890 ฿ 1,890
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The Samson SR880 Closed-Back Studio Headphones offer complete sonic clarity and are ideal for audio professionals and music lovers. Designed for long listening sessions and everyday use, the SR880s provide exceptional bass response and a dynamic, detailed listening experience.

฿ 1,750 ฿ 1,750
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SR850 Semi-Open Studio Headphones offer an outstanding listening solution for musicians, sound engineers and general music enthusiasts alike. With solid bass response, ultra-clear highs and a over-ear design, the SR850 ensure complete comfort and accurate headphone monitoring.

฿ 1,350 ฿ 1,350
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