T-Rex NITROS Hypergain Distortion Effects Pedal


SKU : NITROS Hypergain

The T-Rex Nitros Hypergain Distortion is a truly versatile dirt pedal. With the ability to achieve everything from rockabilly to punchy, scooped high gain distortion, the Nitros Hypergain can be tweaked to the exact sound you want.


T-Rex NITROS Hypergain Distortion Effects Pedal

The Nitros Hypergain by T-Rex Engineering is capable of capturing a very punchy and scooped high gain distortion. As a highly tweakable dirt pedal, the Nitros Hypergain will make the “80s hair rock” sound to a T as well. Lower gain settings are perfect if you want Texas boogie-rock. By featuring an active three-band EQ, the distortion’s color is adjustable, and the EQ knobs’ range is extensive. The Nitros Hypergain features an aggressive and bold clipping circuitry.


• Premium hyper gain pedal perfect for everything from scooped metal distortion to Texas boogie-rock

• Bold and aggressive clipping circuitry

• Active 3-band EQ for extreme shaping of the voicing

• Mid- to high gain with tightness and articulation

• Fet-bypass for low switching noise and buffering capabilities

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