BOSS FV-50H Stereo Volume Pedal


SKU : FV-50H

BOSS FV-50H Stereo Volume Pedal

Brand : boss


BOSS FV-50H Stereo Volume Pedal

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The Boss FV-50H is a high-impedance stereo volume pedal that can be used for many applications, but for guitars and guitar effects in particular. For full stereo functionality, it offers two 6.35mm inputs and two 6.35mm outputs. In order to work with keyboards and other line-level effects, you're better off with the Boss FV-50L instead.

A knob on the side of the FV-50H allows you to adjust the minimum volume level of the expression pedal. That way, you're able to go from zero or half volume to maximum volume with a single movement of your foot. The Tuner Out output always transmits a maximum signal, regardless of the pedal's position, making it the ideal connector for your tuner.


Type : passive stereo volume pedal

suitable for high-impedance signals like guitars and guitar effects

control : stepless

inputs : 2x 1/4-inch jack

outputs : 2x 1/4-inch jack

tuner out (100% signal regardless of pedal position)

connectors : 6.35mm jack plugs

potentiometer on the side for adjustment of minimum volume

dimensions : 86 x 200 x 54 mm (WxDxH)

weight :  400 grams


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