TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Effects Pedal


SKU : Hall of Fame 2 Reverb

The original HALL OF FAME REVERB delivered some of the most-iconic reverb sounds of all time, but HALL OF FAME 2 REVERB extends that legacy of innovation dramatically.


TC Electronic Hall of Fame 2 Reverb Effects Pedal

Updated reverb algorithms including Shimmer reverb

TC’s shimmer reverb algorithms pitch-shift the reverb effect up one octave to create ethereal, ambient effects. Perfect for shoegaze, worship, and other ambient styles, shimmer reverb is just one of the updated algorithms you’ll find in the Hall of Fame 2 pedal.

Three TonePrint slots to customize your reverb tone

TonePrint-enabled pedals such as the Hall of Fame 2 allow you to use the TonePrint app to download custom-designed artist presets. You can also use the TonePrint editor software to create your own custom verbs. The Hall of Fame 2 pedal allows you to load up three different TonePrint presets simultaneously for more flexibility onstage.

Mash footswitch for expressive effects

The innovative Mash footswitch gives the Hall of Fame 2 pedal amazing creative potential. In addition to toggling the reverb effect, this pressure-sensitive footswitch can be used in a similar fashion to an expression pedal. Use it to swell the reverb effect in and out dynamically, or assign other reverb parameters to the Mash footswitch for even more sonic creativity.

Features :

• TonePrint-enabled reverb pedal with updated reverb algorithms

• Shimmer reverb algorithms pitch-shift the reverb effect up 1 octave for ethereal effects

• Mash footswitch is pressure sensitive and can be used like an expression pedal to manipulate reverb parameters

• Easy battery access

• 3 TonePrint slots allow you to pre-load your pedal with custom reverb presets

• Beam new TonePrints directly to your pedal through your guitar’s pickups with the TonePrint app

• Use the TonePrint Editor app for Mac/PC/iPad to tweak and customize your own reverb presets

• Switchable true bypass/buffered bypass for pedalboard flexibility

Pedal Type : Multi Reverb

Analog/Digital : Digital

Presets : 8 x Reverbs, 3 x TonePrint Slots

Inputs : 2 x 1/4″

Outputs : 2 x 1/4″

True Bypass:Switchable : True Bypass, Buffered

USB : 1 x Type Mini-B (firmware)

Power Usage : 100mA

Batteries : 1 x 9V

Height : 2.8″

Width : 3.5″

Depth : 5.1″

Weight : 0.84 lbs

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