TC Electronic Quintessence Harmony Effects Pedal


SKU : Quintessence Harmony

QUINTESSENCE HARMONY is a state-of-the-art intelligent harmonizer pedal that features expressive MASH technology and powerful TonePrint editing.


TC Electronic Quintessence Harmony Effects Pedal
Pressure-sensitive MASH footswitch for expression

Using the pressure-sensitive MASH footswitch on Quintessence, you can easily bend harmonized notes up or down to the next interval. And you can set this footswitch to operate either in latching or momentary switching modes, depending on your playing preferences.

Create your own presets with TonePrint

Use the TonePrint Editor software to create your own custom harmony effects for Quintessence. Use the TonePrint app to beam them directly to your pedal, or to browse for TonePrints created by pro guitarists. Lots of guitarists at Sweetwater have become hooked on TonePrint because it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Selectable Buffered or True Bypass switching

Got a lot of true bypass pedals on your pedalboard? Set the Quintessence pedal to Buffered switching mode to help maintain your signal level, especially if you’re using long cables. Already have buffers on your pedalboard? You can switch Quintessence over to True Bypass switching mode if you prefer. Either way, its analog-dry-through signal path means your core dry guitar tone will remain completely untouched, even when using extreme settings on Quintessence.

Features :

Two-voice harmony effects pedal for guitar

Pressure-sensitive MASH footswitch for real-time expressive control over harmonized notes

Create your own custom effects with TonePrint Editor software (Mac, PC, iPad)

Beam TonePrint presets directly to the pedal with your smartphone with the TonePrint App

Switchable Buffered/True Bypass switching

Choose from Momentary or Latching switch operation

Analog-dry-through signal path leaves your core guitar tone untouched

Pedal Type : Harmony

Inputs : 2 x 1/4″

Outputs : 2 x 1/4″

USB : 1 x Type Mini-B

Bypass Switching : Switchable – True Bypass/Buffered

Features : TonePrint app may beam settings to pedal (iOS, Android)

Power Source : 9V DC power supply required (sold separately)

Power Usage : 300mA

Batteries : 1 x 9V

Height : 2.0″

Width : 2.8″

Depth : 4.8″



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