แอมป์อคูสติก Roland AC-60

฿ 16,000 ฿ 16,000


Roland AC-100UT

฿ 38,400 ฿ 38,400


แอมป์อคูสติก Roland AC-33 Rosewood

฿ 16,000 ฿ 16,000


Performance-ready 80-watt combo guitar amplifier with authentic tube tone and touch response Roland’s comprehensive Tube Logic design delivers the interactive tonal behaviors of famous fine-tuned vintage tube amps, including preamp and output tube distortion characteristics, power supply compression, and much more Independent Clean and Crunch channels, plus unique Dual Tone mode for blending channels to expand tonal possibilities Master volume, three-band EQ, and Presence control, plus Boost and Tone switches on each channel Four-way Power Control (0.5 W, 15 W, 45 W, Max) allows for cranked-amp tones at any volume Onboard high-quality reverb and tremolo effects with vintage sound character, plus effects loop for external devices Classic open-back design with custom 12-inch speaker and poplar cabinet for enhanced presence on stage Stylish, modern look with a vintage vibe Efficient, lightweight design provides easy portability without sacrificing tone quality USB output for high-quality direct recording to a computer Optional GA-FC Foot Controller for Channel Select, Dual Tone, and Tremolo/EFX Loop Available in two color variations: Vintage Blond and Black

฿ 30,400 ฿ 30,400


แอมป์อคูสติก Roland MOBILE AC

฿ 6,240 ฿ 6,240

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