แอมป์อคูสติก Laney A-Solo

฿ 8,400 ฿ 8,400


แอมป์อคูสติก Laney A-Fresco BP with Rechargable Battery

฿ 9,900 ฿ 9,900


The A-FRESCO-2 provides versatility, portability, and reliability to all levels of acoustic players. An ultra-efficient, Class D power amplifier plus a single 8” custom-designed full frequency coaxial woofer, delivers articulate transparent acoustic sound with both punch and high-end clarity, just like your acoustic instrument.

฿ 11,600 ฿ 11,600


The Laney A-DUO is a portable acoustic instrument combo with a range of acoustic-friendly controls and variables including digital reverb and chorus. Designed and engineered in the UK, the A-DUO calls on Laney’s 50-year history of amplifier building to provide versatility, portability, and reliability to all levels of player.

฿ 10,400 ฿ 10,400


The A1 is designed to give the discerning acoustic player an amplified acoustic performance to match the tone and dynamics of the top acoustic instruments on the market.

฿ 13,900 ฿ 13,900

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