Code 100

Marshall CODE100 ตู้แอมป์กีตาร์รุ่นล่าสุดจาก MARSHALL สำหรับปี 2016 ขนาดกำลังขับ 100 วัตต์ Modeling Combo Amplifier, ดอกลำโพงขนาด12 นิ้ว 2 ดอก, 100 Editable Presets, 24 Built-In Effects,Records Direct to Your Computer via USB, Streams Music from Devices Via Bluetooth

฿ 25,000 ฿ 25,000
฿ 20,000 ฿ 20,000 -20%

Code 50

Marshall CODE50 ตู้แอมป์กีตาร์รุ่นล่าสุดจาก MARSHALL สำหรับปี 2016 ขนาดกำลังขับ 50 วัตต์, ดอกลำโพงขนาด 12นิ้ว 1 ดอก, 100 Editable Presets, 14 Preamps, 4 Power Amps, 8 Cabinets, 24 Built-In Effects,Records Direct to Your Computer via USB, Streams Music from Devices Via Bluetooth

฿ 17,500 ฿ 17,500
฿ 14,000 ฿ 14,000 -20%

Code 25

Pre-loaded with 100 presets, the CODE25TM has all you need to find your sound at home. Its 25w mean it’s even powerful enough to start gigging with. Fully programmable via your phone and online, CODE25 is the amp for on the go.

฿ 11,000 ฿ 11,000
฿ 8,800 ฿ 8,800 -20%


Harness the power of Marshall with the mighty MG101FX. With 100w of power and 12” speaker, this amp delivers a sound that is sure to impress on stage. The MG101FX gives you control over your sound with four channels, three band equalisation and a complete range of digital FX.

฿ 25,000 ฿ 25,000
฿ 20,000 ฿ 20,000 -20%


The MG15GFX is loaded with pure Marshall tone. You get your choice of Clean, Crunch, OD1, and OD2 channels that you can shape with a 3-band EQ. You also get integrated reverb, delay, and other digital effects. Best of all, each channel's settings are storable and recallable.

฿ 10,000 ฿ 10,000
฿ 8,000 ฿ 8,000 -20%


Rehearse day and night with the MG10. Simple yet mighty this 10watt amp is perfect for band practice or home use. The two channels, clean and overdrive, and the contour control function provide a great way to experiment with your sound.

฿ 6,000 ฿ 6,000
฿ 4,800 ฿ 4,800 -20%


Compact 15w amps that pack plenty of power. The 8” speaker delivers a great sound for practice but can also hold its own in front of a small crowd. These amps bring an added punch and lower-end to your sound. The variety of tonal options are sure to compliment any style..

฿ 8,000 ฿ 8,000
฿ 6,400 ฿ 6,400 -20%


Own that Marshall sound with this 30w amp. The MG30FXTM has it all from clean and gentle tones to gutsy, “in your face” overdrive. The 10” speaker offers a big sound that is sure to bring rehearsals to life and shine on stage.

฿ 14,000 ฿ 14,000
฿ 11,200 ฿ 11,200 -20%


Marshall MS-2 Mini Amp 1 Watt of gut-wrenching power featuring a battery and a headphone jack that doubles as a preamp out, so you can rock while you roll.

฿ 1,500 ฿ 1,500

MS-4 Micro Stack

MS-4 The MS-4TM is a 1W micro stack that is the ultimate in micro rock n’ roll. It has both gain and volume controls to deliver that extra distortion. It is battery powered and can plug into mains so it’s versatile enough to play on the move or practice in your bedroom.

฿ 2,000 ฿ 2,000


A gig-worthy 50w amp with an undeniably bold sound. With four channels, three-band EQ and a range of digital FX, the MG50TM lets you take control of your tone. The settings can also be stored for easy recall and are switchable using Stompware footswitching technology.

฿ 20,000 ฿ 20,000
฿ 16,000 ฿ 16,000 -20%
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