Ducking – or the automatic reduction of your delayed signal when your clean signal rises above a certain level – is a complex effect that can really give your musical expression a lift.

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Danish tone pioneers T-Rex Engineering have been making quality effects pedals and guitar gear since the 1990s. T-Rex pedals are made using some of the best components in the industry, such as film/foil electrolytic capacitors, lifetime-use pots, and rugged footswitches, toggles, and connectors. T-Rex’s better-known pedals include the Replica digital delay and Mudhoney distortion, which can be found on the pedalboards of top guitarists David Gilmour, John Mayer, Mark Tremonti, and Steve Morse.

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T-Rex’s Reptile 2 analog tape-style delay delivers the warmth and depth of a great vintage tape unit in a compact and road-worthy pedal. A quartet of knobs handles your standard delay controls, while dials for Speed, Width, and Tone fine-tune the flutter of the repeats.

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We have had many requests for a more straight sounding delay pedal that is clearer and more true to the incoming guitar signal.

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Presenting the newest addition to our successful line of reverb pedals – the Room-Mate Junior – all the best from the original Room-Mate packed into one incredibly authentic sounding unit.

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The T-Rex Karma Boost provides 16dB of clean gain to add complex harmonics, sustain, and breakup to your current tube amp tone and drive your sound out to the back row.

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T-Rex ToneTrunk Road Cases

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รายละเอียด TONETRUNK ROAD CASE T-Rex ToneTrunk Road Cases are designed for players who require maximum protection for their pedalboards. Rugged and sturdy, our Road Cases offer many of the benefits of a custom-made case at a more budget-friendly price. The design makes set-up/tear-down a breeze: just take off the lid, plug your cables in, and rock out! Or, if you prefer a lower board height, you can remove the ToneTrunk board (included) from the Road Case base and put it directly on the floor. The removable wooden panel in the base gives to you access to a convenient accessory storage compartment underneath – perfect for cables, strings, winders, tools, picks , etc. This makes the Road Case one big tool box containing everything you need on the gig. BRACKETS (SOLD SEPARATELY) A pair of add-on brackets are available (sold separately; see “Brackets” section). The PSU Bracket allows you to securely mount a power supply to the underside of the board, while the WAH Bracket creates a level surface for placing a wah/volume pedal in any position on the board. The brackets can be installed using pre-drilled holes. TONETRUNK PEDAL BOARD Each ToneTrunk Road Case includes one of our pedal boards, made from lightweight, durable aluminum. Our new boards feature a multi-tiered design – the most logical way to mount multiple rows of pedals on a board. No more reaching for a pedal in the back row and accidentally stomping the knobs on the pedal in front. Now you have easy access to every pedal on your board without the need for additional risers. ToneTrunk pedal boards feature routing holes for patch cables and power cables, keeping the surface of your board neat and tidy. Each board includes hook-and-loop fastener for mounting your pedals. We don’t pre-mount the fastener to the board, so you get complete control over how and where you apply it.

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Fangs Metal

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฿ 2,520 ฿ 2,520 -10%


Vulture Drive

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฿ 5,940 ฿ 5,940 -10%


Nitros Drive

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฿ 5,940 ฿ 5,940 -10%


Diva Drive

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฿ 5,940 ฿ 5,940 -10%


Creamer Reverb

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฿ 5,940 ฿ 5,940 -10%


Fuel Tank Jr

฿ 4,500 ฿ 4,500
฿ 4,050 ฿ 4,050 -10%


Fuel Tank Goliath

฿ 9,900 ฿ 9,900
฿ 8,910 ฿ 8,910 -10%


Fuel Tank Classic

฿ 6,500 ฿ 6,500
฿ 5,950 ฿ 5,950 -8%


Fuel Tank Chameleon

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฿ 4,950 ฿ 4,950 -10%