SKU : XY-339




Size: 96 x 37 x 14 Cm
Packing Size: 58.5 x 44 x 103 Cm
Packing: 3 Pieces

Inserting U Disk Micro SD Mps Player
Supporting USB External Bluetooth Receiver

61 Standard Press Piano Keys
61 Keyboard Percussion
32 (Channe) Polyphony

Double Tone, Double Keyboard Function
128 Timbres, 128 Rhythms

32 Famous Chinese and Foreign Music

Recording, Programming, Playing Functions
Metronomes, Prelucde & Tail Play Functions
Synchronizing, inserting Function
Single Finger Chord, Fingers Chord, Bass Chord
Remix, Vibrato, Portamento Function
Transpose, Adjusting Function
Master Volume, Accompaniment Volume, Tempo Control
3 Studying Methods, Memory Function
USB-MIDI Input and Output
LCD Screen (Back  Light Source)