Pathfinder 10 B

The eye-catching looks of these 10-watt combos are also classic VOX and include basket-weave, leather-look, our distinctive diamond grille cloth and, of course, chicken head knobs! Small but all-important details such as the white piping have also been faithfully reproduced, perfectly recapturing the legendary look of VOX. The all-analog, solid-state design is robust and responsive, just like a VOX should be.

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฿4,000 ฿4,000
฿3,600 ฿3,600 -10%


Adio Air Bass

The VOX Adio Air Bass is perfect for today’s bassist, providing a wide range of modern and classic sounds designed specifically for bass, lightweight portability, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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฿11,000 ฿11,000
฿9,900 ฿9,900 -10%


AC2 RhythmVOX Bass

Vox AC2 RhythmVOX Bass 2W Mini Amplifier with 2x 3" Speaker

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฿2,400 ฿2,400
฿2,160 ฿2,160 -10%



Stunning lightweight design with serious sound. The compact and portable VX series of amps is joined by a new 50W model for bass guitar, featuring Nutube, the new cutting-edge vacuum tube.

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฿9,000 ฿9,000
฿8,100 ฿8,100 -10%


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