Fender Acoustic Amp

Acoustic 100

Fender's Acoustic 100 amplifier delivers full, natural tone for acoustic-electric guitar and microphone. Its specially designed wood shell complements the acoustic guitar's form and voice.

฿ 18,000 ฿ 18,000
฿ 16,200 ฿ 16,200 -10%
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Acoustasonic 40

The Acoustasonic™ 40 amplifier offers portable amplification for acoustic-electric guitar and microphone. It’s a simple, flexible “grab and go” solution for a variety of musical performance and basic public address applications, and it can also be used as an onstage monitor when combined with a PA system.

฿ 9,500 ฿ 9,500
฿ 8,550 ฿ 8,550 -10%

Acoustasonic 15

For the go-anywhere acoustic performer who needs ultra-compact convenience at a moment's notice, the Acoustasonic 15 is just the right small amp with just the right sound. Perfectly portable, it delivers great tone and features for an acoustic guitar and a mic—ideal simplicity and flexibility for a variety of musical and basic public address uses at small gigs and gatherings.

฿ 5,800 ฿ 5,800
฿ 5,220 ฿ 5,220 -10%

Acoustic SFX

The Acoustic SFX amplifier offers demanding guitarists a concentrate of technology in a compact format with an attractive design. Its lightness and portability make it the ideal solution for acoustic guitarists who play regularly in clubs. It also broadcasts a pleasant stereo image for the public, regardless of its placement in the room.

฿ 38,000 ฿ 38,000
฿ 34,200 ฿ 34,200 -10%
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Acoustasonic 90

The Fender Acoustasonic 90 is excellent for the acoustic guitarist who demands thick, strong and affordable amplification, packing classic tone, great characteristics and stage-worthy execution into a versatile and lightweight combo amp.

฿ 14,000 ฿ 14,000
฿ 12,600 ฿ 12,600 -10%
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Acoustasonic 100

100W, 2-channel Acoustic Amplifier with Multiple Voicings, Electric Amp Sounds, USB, Effects, Feedback Elimination, and Balanced Line Out

฿ 18,000 ฿ 18,000
฿ 16,200 ฿ 16,200 -10%
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