VOX AmPlug V2 Lead


SKU : AmPlug V2 Lead

VOX AmPlug V2 Lead แอมป์ปลั๊ก แอมป์กีตาร์เสียบหูฟัง เสียง Lead


VOX AmPlug V2 Lead

Amazing tone in a tiny package

The Vox amPlug 2 Lead is based on a U.S.-made high-gain boutique amp, further modified for lead guitar. It also contains a digital delay effect, delivering a huge, spatial sound, and giving you a rich and full-fledged lead sound that you can play anytime and anywhere.

Get great tone anywhere

With up to 17 hours of battery life, it’s easy to take amPlug 2 Lead anywhere. In addition to being an ideal home practice tool, the amPlug 2 Lead provides a great way to warm up before a live performance or while on the road. And amPlug 2 Lead is not just a convenient way to get great guitar sound — it also features an auxiliary input jack so you can jam along with your music player.

Features :

• Folding design rotates 180 degrees to fit any guitar

• Auto power off feature to save battery life

• AUX in jack lets you jam along with your music player

• True analog circuit faithfully simulates the response of a tube amp

• Voiced for lead guitar

• Onboard delay, chorus, and reverb effects

• Up to 17 hours of battery life with AAA batteries